Sunday, September 13, 2009

Long time, no blog!

Where does the time go?? Work certainly takes up most of that time! (Need more days off!) Dennis and I went to Lake Hope State Park in McArthur, Ohio yesterday for some mountian biking fun. We started on a trail called Copperhead, which should have given me some idea of the difficulty to come! Lots of tight turns through trees, some downhills, uphill climbs, log crossings,etc. You really had to think about every move you made or you would go flying into a tree or over the side of the hill! Like I told Dennis, there could have been a herd of elephants off the side of the trail and I would never have seen them I was so focused! It was challenging to say the least! After a little over 2 miles of this we came to a trail intersection and we decided to take the Bobcat trail. My kinda' trail! It reminded of my dirt biking days where you could just cruise through the woods and enjoy the ride. Of course, this was mainly the beginning of the trail and it got trickier towards the end of the trail. It took you down next to the creek for awhile and well, what goes down must come up! Also a challenge but you got some nice rests between which I liked! We ended up doing about 7.5 miles on those trails then headed back to Athens to ride the Hockhocking Adena Trail (6 miles). Dennis asked the guy at the bike shop when we first got there about the mountain bike trail at Sells Park there and we had to try that first. I pushed my bike more than I rode it and told Dennis there was no way after what we had just done! So we loaded up the bikes again, and headed to the Adena bike path. After that, we went to Chipotle to eat chicken burritos which were the size and weight of a brick, but were very tasty! A really great day and I came back with only one scrape on the back of my calf (peddle bite mark!)!