Sunday, March 7, 2010

This nice weather is wearing me out!!!!

What a great weekend! Dennis and I squeezed in all the fun we could while the sun shone and now we are toast! hahaha Started the day yesterday with a paddle on a partially frozen Beechfork Lake. Also got to see the little beaver who let us know he wasn't too happy we were in the neighborhood. He kept smacking his tail and watching us very carefully! After that we headed to that big industrial park off of Hal Greer for Dennis to do his downhill skateboarding. I sat in the Jeep and enjoyed the sunshine! Today we did our first bike ride of the year from Catlettsburg to Pullman. 23 miles on our first time out was probably tooooo much but it felt good to get out and ride again. Now it's time to go rest up for another great week of work.....yeah,...right........(sigh)