Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let it SNOW!!!!

With all this snow going on, I decided I needed to to invest in a pair of snowshoes! Dennis got these for me just in time for Valentine's Day and they are, appropriately enough, red! And no, they don't look like those big ol' tennis racket things from days gone by! They are smaller and allow you to move your heel up and down just like walking. Difference is, you have to space your feet a bit apart because they are a little wider. They have big claws on the bottom to bite into the snow and could really do a number on your vinyl flooring! (I must remember not to put these on in the house!) I am looking forward to trying these babies out on our next snow event - Sunday into Monday perhaps?! These snow days are awesome!! I am spending alot of time planning our trip to Italy in June. Just figuring out how to get from one city to the other, rental cars, trains, hotels, etc. is pretty complex! I thought Japan was the most difficult but not so! They have the commuting stuff down to a science with car rentals closely located to train stations. Not so in Italy. I invested in a map to see where things are located in relation to each other. I learned this lesson in Wales when we stayed in Lake Vernwy hotel and discovered you had to drive a zillion miles through pasture land to see any other signs of life. It was so remote, that wildlife had no fear of man and that little bird landed right on my rearview mirror with the window down! I think it was hoping for a ride out of there!!hah We stayed one night and they were mad that we left early. So now, Dennis always refers to that incident when I mention a place to stay on vacation! It was pretty, Dennis! Speaking of birds, I must be going to feed mine! Dennis is amazed at how much they eat in a day. I have bought TONS of bird seed this winter. I tell him that's the only way they have to stay warm because their metabolism is running at high speed. After all, how many obese birds do you see sitting in the trees? 'nuf said!