Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, everyone!! Hope you have a wonderful day in spite of the yucky weather! (Mother Nature is definitely not in the holiday hiss) Dennis and I opened our gifts to each other this morning at 7:00 then had some fried eggs and toast. (Dennis got me a couple dozen eggs on Wednesday so I could make some for his office luncheon yesterday. He didn't realize I had already gotten a couple dozen and so needless to say, we are eating lots of eggs lately! haha) Saw a deer below the deck and tossed out some bread but it seemed more interested in chewing sticks. But what do I know? Maybe sticks ARE better than day old white bread. hmmmmm. My suet feeders were empty and so I had one left to refill. I always just grab whatever is handy and this package was the "hot pepper" variety! Now the wood peckers are chirping "mucho caliente' !!!" and flying backwards!!! ahahahahha

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yay for UGG boots!

What a busy day! Went to work for a few hours then went on the search for Uggs. First the Huntington Mall, then the Ashland Towne Center! You would have had more luck finding a sweater with three arms than those boots! At least in my size! Dennis had seen them at the Scioto Shoe Mart so after stopping by to pick up Mom, off we went on Ugg Hunt 2009. After finding the store, we found that they had about 4 different boxes with shoes that could possibly fit my big dogs, as Dennis affectionately calls them. Two size 7's and two size 8's. Turns out, I am a 7 so it was good that I didn't just order them online. They had one pair of the above boots in a 7 and success! I had found my Ugg's! They are super soft and I would be wearing them now but I had to pretreat them to help keep them clean. I also like the fact that they have a higher sole on them which will help too. Love them!
I also just finished making a buzzilion "evil eggs" for Dennis to take to work with him tomorrow. That egg cookin' is a real good time........ Oh, and Mom and stopped by the "Flowers Bakery" store that sells discounted, old bread stuff. The Christmas break means no snackies for my deer buddies and I had to find an alternate snack source. I picked up about four loaves of the cheapes bread then turned around and there they were. I swear there was a heavenly glow surrounding these giant bags filled with old loaves of bread, buns, and bagels! So heavy, I could barely lift them and all for just 4 dollars! Boy, what those little deer would do to get a few hours in that store! Who knew that they actually sold such things just for the little animals? Seriously awesome! So I paid my 4 dollars and hefted it out to the Jeepster like Santa loading his bag of glee inspiring goodies into his sleigh! We now have 5 deer licking their lips with a satisfied twinkle in their eyes. Merry Christmas, little dudes!