Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yes, I am still alive!

Boy it sure has been awhile! It seems I don't have a spare minute to do anything anymore! I know that this time of the year, the days are getting shorter but this is ridiculous! I think the second hands on clocks throughout the world have actually sped up, causing little Lee Annie to have to operate her life at warp speed. It seems that I get up at 5:30, rush to get ready, drive about 80 to get to work, run my little cart room to room, do errands after work, drive about 80 to get home, eat, watch TV, go to bed just to get up and do it all over again. I do manage to get in a run/hike out in the woods every now and then, which is such a wonderful diversion. Keeping up the exercise routine in this weather is quite a challenge.
My classes are going fine, which is a good thing. Enjoyed driving my Benz on all those sunny days and top down days always make you feel good. Dennis is still stressing over his rip-off of an adventure race. Unfair scoring makes Dennis hate adventure racing! I don't know what he'll get into next. Maybe he can just race me around the yard! A guaranteed win and all for free! haha
Looking forward to Thanksgiving break and getting some rest! Oh, and the little foxes have decided to return for evening snacks along with our deer, who are regulars. It's apples and grapes on the menu this evening!
'til next time!