Saturday, June 27, 2009


Apparently, the link to the TripIt site is worthless! It might just update itself in the little white box. I will wait and see if it changes tomorrow, if it doesn't, then that little link will go bye-bye. In 12 hours we will be taking off from Tri-State Airport! I just hope all the Florida flyers are leaving later in the day. (What time do the clinics open down in Tampa?? shame on me....) We've got everything packed and ready to go. til later!

Less than 24 hours! YIKES!!

It's been a busy, busy day! Dennis and I got the lawn mowed this morning and I kept hearing a dog barking and barking. For an hour this went on til finally I said I was going to take care of it! I drove over to Moore Road off of Lynnwood and there was JoJo, Nathan Adkins dog, barking up on the hillside, looking up a tree. So I, in my snazzy orange flip-flops, crawl up the hill yelling at JoJo to shut up and I see a fluffy white and yellow cat in the fork of the tree! I immediately proceed to inform JoJo that she is a very bad dog and to get her puppy tail back home! She rolled over and looked apologetic then got up and ran to the creek and drank about a gallon of water. I assume the cat made it down OK and JoJo learned her lesson!
We are still figuring out what to take and where to stick it. Maybe we'll eventually get it in gear!
I added a link to my TripIt page which has our itinerary listed for each day. It's on the top right under the main title. Click on the word TripIt. If you want to know what time it is in Japan, just add one hour to your current time and make it the opposite am or pm. Like if it's 1:30 pm at your house, it would be 2:30 am in Japan! CRAZY. We will be walking in our sleep...must go clean the fish pond filter!

Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Friday night and so far, only a couple of minor crisises (is that a word?)! Our jeep decided to spew its' radiator fluid on my way to the bank and seriously overheat AND my suitcase is so small I can only get one of my new sandals in it!!! I don't know which is worse! haha Actually, there was a loose clamp on the radiator hose somewhere and we were able to, once again, avoid disaster, thank goodness. The shoe issue will be more difficult to resolve. I have to have warm stuff for the top of Fuji, cool swimmy stuff for Maui, long pants and lace up shoes for the zip-line, etc.,etc.....
and the list goes on. But, I am determined to make it work! I wonder what people at the airport would think if I carried my backpack and one sandal.....

We leave on Sunday!

Hard to believe we are almost at the end of this week! Yesterday was certainly a crazy one. First Farrah and then Michael! You just get this feeling that famous people can't die. Like they're too rich or too important and can somehow cheat death. But, like Emily Dickinson once wrote, "Because I could not stop for death, He kindly stopped for me..." (Gee, thanks, Death....) While we are busy living our lives, he's hot on our heels, just waiting for the correct moment to cash our check. Here's another quote: Oingo Boingo : "Celebrate while you still can, 'Cause any second it may end. And when it's over, said, and done, It's better that you had some fun...." That's from the song "No One Lives Forever" and the philosophy I live by. So we're going to climb Mt. Fuji while we still can!
So, I have already washed the Benz this morning and it's 9:30am. She was traumatized after that storm yesterday! haha Getting ready to charge batteries and get all the electronics ready to go. Cameras, laptop, NintentdoDX, cell phones, MP3 player.... I'm sure airport security will be rolling their eyes when we go through! And to think all you used to need to travel was a map and a phone card. WHAT HAPPENED???! Actually, I wouldn't have it any other way.....til later!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's getting closer!!

Yay! I got my sandals yesterday afternoon while I was cleaning my fish tank! woo hoo! And yes, they are ultra comfy and fit perfectly. So these babies are gonna' be trippin' around Kyoto and Maui for a couple of weeks. I have been wearing them to make sure there aren't any problems and so far so good!
Had my hair appointment this morning in Barboursville and got caught in the hurricane on I64 on the way home. Dennis suggested I take the ol' Mercedes out for a spin and the lame weather people said NOTHING about rain this morning, so I did. Boy, what was I thinking. Big wide tires and rain SO DO NOT MIX!!! It was all over the place! Even at 35 -40 mph I had to white knuckle it all the way home. Mother Nature was laughing her *!!@! off because I refuse to drive it in so much as a sprinkle and there were WAVES blowing past my windows - ON BOTH SIDES!!! And did I mention I stopped, prior to the interstate debacle, to pick up a nice healthy salad for lunch at McD's?? Got home and had a fish sandwich and a large fry... and yes, I ate it anyway........
At least my hair turned out OK.........

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Only 3 more days!!!

Yesterday was not so busy as the day before! Yay! Still tying up loose ends before we go, like making sure the kids (my cat and fish) have plenty of food to keep them alive. Also got the Jeep washed so Mom can ride in a clean car when she comes to check on the kids! (Thanks, MOM!)
Dennis got the gray foxes that have been visiting on film last night. I made a short video and am going to try to get it to work here. They must have a little clock out there some where because they always come around 9:15 pm. Cleo gets all fired up watching them. She will sit by the patio door, with ears perked up, tail swishing, just waiting for them. Dennis got the camera and started to walk to the door and I warned him it could be dangerous. Not because of the foxes. Because of Cleo! Sure enough, he went to stand beside her and she looked up at him and gave him a big hissss! I guess she was afraid he was going block her view or something. She is very particular.....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Check out those muscles! haha I need to go WHERE??!!

Soooo, yesterday was a busy day!!! I mowed grass for three hours. First my house then at my parents. I am hoping that with the lack of rain, the grass will finally slow down some!! Enough with the rain already!! I came home and caught up with All My Children and One Life to Live, my faves, but there is something funky goin' on with my cable provider. Seems there's some sorta' weird interference or some big, fat squirrel is doing his daily jazz routine on the line. The sound cuts out every minute or so, forcing me to lip read the actors dialogue, and then there is some odd change in the picture which makes them look like they are being x-rayed! Makes it challenging for sure!
After Dennis arrived home, we ate dinner and then I decided to head to the hammock with a magazine for some R&R. (It looked really lonely hanging there between those two trees like that.) THEN, Dennis comes to the door and says there's a new cache at Beach Fork and we could be the First to Find. Actually, I had just found the hammock and was good with that. But, off we went Beach Fork! I was under the impression it would be short paddle and quick run up a hill somewhere but NO. We paddled for about 2 miles out and then hid our boats in the weeds to "hide" them. Not an easy task with two bright blue boats that are 14 feet long!! Then we climbed like a couple of monkeys to the very top of this hill, through weeds and boulders, clinging to roots and tree trunks 'til we found the cache! So very exciting....Got the log book signed and then skidded to the bottom and thankfully, the boats were still there! By then, I was hot and sweaty and Dennis suggested I just jump in the lake. So I did. It seemed like a good idea at the time but I didn't think about the ride home with the sun setting! Dennis was hot and wanted to keep the window open and the wind was freezing me in my wet clothes! Plus we'd stopped for some ice cream at McD's! Needless to say, I was real happy to get home after all the mowing, paddeling 5 miles and climbing! What a day!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

ONLY 7 more days!

Didn't get a chance to write yesterday, I was sooo busy! Woke up to a ton of ants climbing around the kitchen sink. What's up with that, how dare they! So I headed to CVS to get some ant killer, traps, flame thrower, bomb,etc.... looks like I was successful this morning. They never stood a chance......poor things.......he he
Then, Dennis and I headed to the Antique Car Show at Ceredo Plaza. Saw lots of nice cars there. Came back home. Laid in the sun for about an hour while Dennis washed the Miata. Took a shower, headed back to the car show to see if any new ones showed up, got ice cream at Austin's and took a liesurely drive out back of Ashland. Got home again, I washed the Jeep and we got ready to go to a Geocaching dinner at Logan's. Had some ribs (yum) then did a "night cache" with Bobby Wintz, James Mon, and TamBoog out some ridge off of Blue Sulphur Rd. in Ona. That was a fun little hike and we did find the cache! Didn't get home until about 10:30. So I was pretty tired after all that runnin'! Fell into bed and died......
Today, I will be headed to the Ponderosa with the family to celebrate Father's Day! Happy Father's Day, Dad!!! And hopefully, I won't spend another day moving at warp speed.......
Stay cool out there...............