Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Check out those muscles! haha I need to go WHERE??!!

Soooo, yesterday was a busy day!!! I mowed grass for three hours. First my house then at my parents. I am hoping that with the lack of rain, the grass will finally slow down some!! Enough with the rain already!! I came home and caught up with All My Children and One Life to Live, my faves, but there is something funky goin' on with my cable provider. Seems there's some sorta' weird interference or some big, fat squirrel is doing his daily jazz routine on the line. The sound cuts out every minute or so, forcing me to lip read the actors dialogue, and then there is some odd change in the picture which makes them look like they are being x-rayed! Makes it challenging for sure!
After Dennis arrived home, we ate dinner and then I decided to head to the hammock with a magazine for some R&R. (It looked really lonely hanging there between those two trees like that.) THEN, Dennis comes to the door and says there's a new cache at Beach Fork and we could be the First to Find. Actually, I had just found the hammock and was good with that. But, off we went Beach Fork! I was under the impression it would be short paddle and quick run up a hill somewhere but NO. We paddled for about 2 miles out and then hid our boats in the weeds to "hide" them. Not an easy task with two bright blue boats that are 14 feet long!! Then we climbed like a couple of monkeys to the very top of this hill, through weeds and boulders, clinging to roots and tree trunks 'til we found the cache! So very exciting....Got the log book signed and then skidded to the bottom and thankfully, the boats were still there! By then, I was hot and sweaty and Dennis suggested I just jump in the lake. So I did. It seemed like a good idea at the time but I didn't think about the ride home with the sun setting! Dennis was hot and wanted to keep the window open and the wind was freezing me in my wet clothes! Plus we'd stopped for some ice cream at McD's! Needless to say, I was real happy to get home after all the mowing, paddeling 5 miles and climbing! What a day!

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