Saturday, January 9, 2010

Walkin' in a winter wonderland!

After spending lots of time inside, I thought it would be nice to do my walk in the woods instead of the road this time. Hiking in the snow provides some different challenges like not really knowing what your stepping on or in. That's where the hiking poles came in handy. I would stab the ground in front of me first then take a step. I could also follow the numerous deer tracks through the woods. Not seeing any giant pits with deer in them, I could assume their path was a safe one! haha It also felt alot like walking in sand with all the slipping and sliding but it was well worth it. So peaceful and quiet.....The above picture is the pipeline road on top of the ridge.......

This is the trail on out the ridge where I usually see lots of turkeys.......

Who knew there was a waterfall up the hill?! I hiked straight up the hillside to get this shot of a fallen tree with it's roots around some rocks and the frozen water below. Cool stuff!!! Hard hike!

Dennis always has to get a picture of me ready to go. I guess he figures he can use it to show the authorities in case I don't come back???! "Yes, officer, she was wearing jeans, black jacket, etc." hahaha I always carry a radio with me and so I can keep in touch with Dennis from anywhere I hike! Quite handy!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lovin' the white stuff!!!

Can you believe all this snow?! I guess Mother Nature got tired of all that wishing for snow and said "OK, I'm gonna' let you have it already!!" I think it's absolutely fabulous and I was really glad they let us leave school early. The students weren't told until the last minute, which was kinda' funny. Here they were going to lunch about 1/2 hour early and no clue why. Some suspected but nobody would tell them because it would be chaos! haha So we left 2 hours early and took off for home. I was about 4 miles from the Kenova exit at about 1:30 when it just started with a few flakes. A little bit later it was pouring the snow! Lots of little birdies but no deer. I guess they are hiding in the bushes hoping for some sunshine! Time to bake some cookies!! Wheeeeee!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Things that make me smile!

TWO HOUR DELAYS!!!!!! It doesn't get any better than that!!! SWEEEET!
(Just had to vent some joy!)
Got the little deer their very own heated water bowl this evening! Mommy deer was the first to get a good long drink from it. One of the young bucks looked at her as if to say. "Hey, what are you doing???! That looks pretty good!" and then he sniffed her mouth! haha Hopefully, all the little animals will get some use out of it. I feel sorry for them in all this cold weather!
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ohhhh nooooo! It's almost over!.......

Yes, vacation is almost over and you can hear the sounds of crying and moaning all over the place...and the kids probably aren't too happy either! I have enjoyed the break so much and did get lots of rest, which was good. Would have liked to see more snow, of course, but maybe we're saving the big snows for snow days! Yay! I have also been able to get out and run/walk during the day instead of working all day then racing outside before it gets pitch dark. I even went out this afternoon! You wouldn't think you could actually sweat as cold as it is but you can! I had on Under Armour tights and shirt, extra tights, fleece shirt, windbreaker, hat, mittens and a TurtleFur over my mouth and had to unzip my jacket and take off my gloves because I got tooo hot! I did my usual road route but the neighbors' black Lab was out and it looked to be a "nipper". Its' sole purpose in life is to bark at me. I heard it before I could even SEE it. It barked the whole time I walked past it and kept barking even when I was a half a mile away!! It wagged it's tail but then growled and barked. So which end do you believe?! Anyway, I was not going to give it the satisfaction of going back past it and I cut through the woods. That meant a HUGE hill climb but they say you need to amp up your workout sometimes to burn more calories. All those people who are in an exercise rut...just work in a big black Lab who acts like someone took its last bit of kibble and you'll get your workout kicked up a notch! hahahaha Dang dog.......Anyway, Dennis and I did get out earlier. He had to try out his new skateboard and I took pic's of him going down the old airport road. He had fun doing that a couple of times, until he got too cold. Then we went to the grocery store and I picked up a couple of staples. You know, bread and Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookies. After a stop by Wendy's for lunch, we came home and then I went on my little run for about 45 minutes. Now I am kickin' back and watching a football game, counting down my last hours of freedom. Til next time!
Stay warm out there!