Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lovin' the white stuff!!!

Can you believe all this snow?! I guess Mother Nature got tired of all that wishing for snow and said "OK, I'm gonna' let you have it already!!" I think it's absolutely fabulous and I was really glad they let us leave school early. The students weren't told until the last minute, which was kinda' funny. Here they were going to lunch about 1/2 hour early and no clue why. Some suspected but nobody would tell them because it would be chaos! haha So we left 2 hours early and took off for home. I was about 4 miles from the Kenova exit at about 1:30 when it just started with a few flakes. A little bit later it was pouring the snow! Lots of little birdies but no deer. I guess they are hiding in the bushes hoping for some sunshine! Time to bake some cookies!! Wheeeeee!

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