Saturday, January 9, 2010

Walkin' in a winter wonderland!

After spending lots of time inside, I thought it would be nice to do my walk in the woods instead of the road this time. Hiking in the snow provides some different challenges like not really knowing what your stepping on or in. That's where the hiking poles came in handy. I would stab the ground in front of me first then take a step. I could also follow the numerous deer tracks through the woods. Not seeing any giant pits with deer in them, I could assume their path was a safe one! haha It also felt alot like walking in sand with all the slipping and sliding but it was well worth it. So peaceful and quiet.....The above picture is the pipeline road on top of the ridge.......

This is the trail on out the ridge where I usually see lots of turkeys.......

Who knew there was a waterfall up the hill?! I hiked straight up the hillside to get this shot of a fallen tree with it's roots around some rocks and the frozen water below. Cool stuff!!! Hard hike!

Dennis always has to get a picture of me ready to go. I guess he figures he can use it to show the authorities in case I don't come back???! "Yes, officer, she was wearing jeans, black jacket, etc." hahaha I always carry a radio with me and so I can keep in touch with Dennis from anywhere I hike! Quite handy!

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