Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cabin fever strikes Lynnwood!

Happy Sunday and we did have some sun! Dennis decided to get out of the house and try riding his snowboard even though the snow wasn't really deep enough to get in any great rides. The neighbors dogs were all "out and about" today, as well, and had alot of fun following us around. Dennis said he would go hiking with me afterward so I did yesterday's loop again today! My legs are feelin' it right about now too! There's one huge downhill that is difficult in the best conditions, much less when there's 2" of snow on it. I told Dennis, as we cautiously slid down, that it earned a five star rating in the "ass bustin'" category!!! hahahahaha At least I had my poles to help. Dennis had nothing! He said his legs felt like jello after that. So we came on home and looked at our pictures from the day. Lots of good shots! Then I made chili and cornbread and now I am watching the birds eat bread on the patio. Shaggy dog came by and sniffed the bread, stuck her nose in the air as if to say, "this is a meger offering to such a spledid dog like myself!" She then pretended to be offended and started to wander off. But then she turned around and forced a couple of pieces down (she wasn't foolin' no one!). I yelled "Shaggy" and she quickly turned around and ran home! hahaha

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