Friday, October 23, 2009

It's FRIDAY! (gosh, I'm tired!)

It's been awhile since I have blogged, hasn't it?? So what's new? Here's a list:

  1. I am now 44. I like even numbers better, so it's OK. Some kid asked me if I was 49 today and said I looked old. (May the fleas of a thousand camels infest his armpits....)
  2. I got a rockin new fridge for my birthday that has french doors (it says "oui oui" when I open them, ha) and the freezer is on the bottom. Two gorillas delivered it last Friday at 7:30 pm. I'm sure they had a part in "Deliverance".
  3. Swine flu seems to have passed somewhat. We now have a teacher with it though, and still a few absent.
  4. Saw "Where the Wild Things Are" on my birthday Tuesday and they must have been high on drugs when they wrote it. But then again, hard to make a full length film out of a 14 page book........about big fuzzy monsters and a kid in a rabbit suit.........
  5. Ran/hiked 3 miles yesterday evening and it was great being outside in the woods. Cookie dog went with me. She makes a good running partner because she never complains and she only stops to bite her butt once in a know, fleas.....she will also go anywhere I want to go without discussing the pros and cons of that decision. She just knows she likes to go. Period......

Guess that about sums up my exciting life at this point. Time to go rest now!