Sunday, June 6, 2010

The end is almost here!!!

Only three more days of work left then I can focus on getting ready for our trip to Italy! Of course, I had to buy a new camera that wasn't a brick to take with us. Stopped by Sam's in Ohio with Mom and Dad (Happy Birthday to Dad today as well! The big 79!) and opted for the Sony Sybershot DSC-H55. A bit more costly but worth it. This was a frog that was hopping around the patio and Dennis got a great close up shot of him. I probably need to reduce the size since this one took awhile to load here. But that makes for great details for printing! It also does panoramic pic's which should work nicely for those landscapes in Italy. At this point, I just hope I have remembered everything that needs done before we go. It's amazing how many months of planning go into 10 days!! Trains, planes, and! That's going to be a real trick in itself. No checked luggage this time. Just hope it all goes smoothly! I will be blogging our daily adventures whenever possible so check back often!