Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nothing like a SNOW DAY!!!!

No, big foot didn't make these tracks...just my big snowshoes that are totally awesome! You don't exactly walk on top of the snow but unlike your regular shoes, they keep your foot from sinking into a big hole. Walking in the snow is tough but these do make it easier! I was even able to tackle a steep downhill with no problems. I just pointed my feet downhill and went along like a sure-footed mountain goat! Before I would have been side stepping it and sliding all the way. Cool! Of course, having giant cleats on the bottom helps! (Remember, you can click on the pic's to make them really big!!)
I actually saw something green......aaahhhhh..........

I sat the camera in the tree to get this shot, after which, my camera immediately fell into the snow. Yeah, that's good for it! I grabbed a paper towel out of my pocket and quickly wiped it off! Sheesh.......
This time, I remembered that my hiking poles had a built in screw under the handles to make a handy tripod for your camera! Seems strange that they would make them that way. As if everyone using hiking poles suddenly finds themselves in desperate need of a tripod! I guess they were thinking of me when they designed them! hahahaha
A short hike off the beaten path revealed this really cool bunch of icicles hanging off of some big rocks. The hike back up the hill was quite a challenge. Great leg workout!
I came across some one foot deep snow drifts at the top of the ridge. Good thing Cookie-dog wasn't along or she would have disappeared! It was a wonderful day for an early afternoon hike and it took me about 1 1/2 hours to go 3 miles! I think I'll go rest now!!! Yay, snow!