Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's getting closer!!

Yay! I got my sandals yesterday afternoon while I was cleaning my fish tank! woo hoo! And yes, they are ultra comfy and fit perfectly. So these babies are gonna' be trippin' around Kyoto and Maui for a couple of weeks. I have been wearing them to make sure there aren't any problems and so far so good!
Had my hair appointment this morning in Barboursville and got caught in the hurricane on I64 on the way home. Dennis suggested I take the ol' Mercedes out for a spin and the lame weather people said NOTHING about rain this morning, so I did. Boy, what was I thinking. Big wide tires and rain SO DO NOT MIX!!! It was all over the place! Even at 35 -40 mph I had to white knuckle it all the way home. Mother Nature was laughing her *!!@! off because I refuse to drive it in so much as a sprinkle and there were WAVES blowing past my windows - ON BOTH SIDES!!! And did I mention I stopped, prior to the interstate debacle, to pick up a nice healthy salad for lunch at McD's?? Got home and had a fish sandwich and a large fry... and yes, I ate it anyway........
At least my hair turned out OK.........

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