Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, everyone!! Hope you have a wonderful day in spite of the yucky weather! (Mother Nature is definitely not in the holiday hiss) Dennis and I opened our gifts to each other this morning at 7:00 then had some fried eggs and toast. (Dennis got me a couple dozen eggs on Wednesday so I could make some for his office luncheon yesterday. He didn't realize I had already gotten a couple dozen and so needless to say, we are eating lots of eggs lately! haha) Saw a deer below the deck and tossed out some bread but it seemed more interested in chewing sticks. But what do I know? Maybe sticks ARE better than day old white bread. hmmmmm. My suet feeders were empty and so I had one left to refill. I always just grab whatever is handy and this package was the "hot pepper" variety! Now the wood peckers are chirping "mucho caliente' !!!" and flying backwards!!! ahahahahha

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