Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spent some time today checking on train schedules in Japan. There are dozens of trains and millions of people on those trains! Yikes! I purchased two Japan Rail Passes which will cover the costs of our train trips from Tokyo to Fuji , Fuji to Kyoto, then Kyoto to Osaka. I think Dennis and I will just hand-cuff ourselves together so we don't get lost from each other. Otherwise, we might never see each other again! I ordered a Japanese-English phrase book which made Dennis feel a little better. I suggested we just stand on a corner and yell, "Does anyone speak ENGLISH!!!?" I will yell while he reads...... Saw a YouTube video of two Germans who climbed Fuji last month and there were piles of SNOW on it! I am hoping for a quick Japanese thaw this year....I am also wondering how I will pack 25 pounds of clothes in a 5 pound suitcase......Dennis and I will celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary tomorrow! We're usually on vacation during our anniversary but because the hiking season on Fuji starts in July, we'll be spending it at home this year!

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