Friday, July 3, 2009

Crazy , crazy day!!!

Well, Dennis and I made it from Kawaguchiko to Kyoto on about three different trains! The last was a Shinkansen that traveled about 165mph and got us to Kyoto in a hurry! It was nothing short of a miracle that we were able to find our way through all of the stops and stations. We had to search for any sign in English and ask for help alot. There are sooo many people that travel the trains so not only is it confusing which train and then which car, but you have to filter through all of the people running past you! But we made it and the Granvia Hotel is quite swanky. Our legs are killing us! haha We are able to use wireless only in the lobby so here we sit with all kinds of people running around. This hotel has about 9 restaurants and if you order a room service orange juice it will cost you 9 dollars!!! Translated, we are going to be really skinny when we leave here! haha Tomorrow, we will walk around some and see some sights close by then we will have a tour tomorrow night. Dennis is sooo NOT driving here because it is crazy busy. 'Til next time!!

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