Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On our way to Maui! woo hoo

  • We have spent a lot of time at the Kansai Airport today! The nice man at Granvia told us it would cost an extra $150 to stay until 3:00pm so we opted to just leave there at 12:15 this afternoon. Our flight doesn't leave until 10:30pm! So we have spent time eating, shopping, eating, talking to some NC Navy guys, and eating some more! haha I did play my Nintendo some too and of course, this little computer has gotten a real workout. Hopefully, we will be able to get some sleep on the flight over because Dennis has to drive the rental car in Hawaii when we arrive. No falling asleep at the wheel, Dennis!!! It's a cool Mustang convertible which should be nice. It's funny, but we didn't really have much trouble with jet lag this time. Unlike, Australia where we wanted to sleep all afternoon. I guess we got enough sleep on the plane over it helped with that. The sun in Japan rises at about 4:30 am and sets at 7:30- ish in the evening. I'm glad we will gain our day back that we lost on our way here. Some final thoughts on some odd things I noticed in Japan:
  • They don't know what great food they are missing out on in the US, like sugar and fat!!! haha That's why they are all so skinny
  • Weight lifting must be taboo - I could take half the male population one handed
  • No one owns a dryer. All their clothes hang out on the line of the apartment balcony
  • The women get dressed with their eyes closed or in the dark. They mix patterns and fabrics with reckless abandon
  • The younger female crowd like to dress like prostitutes and wear shirts with English words on them. I don't really think they know what it says unless that one girl really was "A Nasty Girl". Also, you must wear 3 inch heels + or you are a total loser.....The more make up the better too....
  • Japanese have 3 hair colors: black, gray, and rust........if they are blonde, it's a wig...
  • There is only one style of toilet tissue dispenser. I don't know why. It just is.
  • Kids here ride the public transportation system. There are no school buses.
  • They don't wear sunglasses. They are already squinting, I suppose.

So, we had a wonderful time in Japan. The people of Japan made it very special with their patience and kind demeanor. We never heard anyone raise their voice, anywhere. They recycle everything. They are hard working. They want to make their visitors feel special. And we did!

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