Saturday, December 19, 2009

The weather outside's delightful!!!

"Shaggy" dog wasn't diggin' the snowball feet.

A flurry of blurry birds!!! Say that 10X fast!

"Hey, get those buns and apples out here!"

Laska and Shaggy are buds. She's a sweetie!

Got out early this morning to snap some photos before the traffic messed it all up! Actually saw a blue pickup truck with a blade on the front plowing the tiny road that goes off of Lynnwood....what about Lynnwood buddy???! Anyway, probably just as well as he will be helping to create a thin sheet of ice when it freezes tonight. Lynnwood, on the other hand, will have plenty of lumpy, frozen snow. This will create traction and possibly help us as we attempt to get to Dennis' company dinner in Huntington tonight! All the little neighborhood animals are freaking out. We must have had about 40 gold finches eating this afternoon! I shoveled some snow off the deck and it was sooo heavy I couldn't lift the shovel. I just pushed over the edge. Big globs of snow kept falling on my head and it felt like being pelted by snow balls. So pretty though, I love it!

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