Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hiking the Appalachian Trial!

Dennis and I decided to check out the chuch where we were married 22 1/2 years ago in Pearisburg, VA! Still happy after all these years!

It was surprisingly alot colder here than at home. We thought south meant warmer!

The section of the App. Trail we hiked was the "angels rest overlook". It was nothing but up,up,up for about 2 miles!!! Very tiring!

Me searching for the end of the trail!..........................

Dennis on the way back down the trail. There were cars from 5 different states parked along the road at the bottom. A small wooden sign was the only way you would know there was even a trail there! After that, we ate a Mexican restaurant and it was delicious with fried ice cream for desert. We decided to go on to Pipestem State Park to stay at the lodge. I've never been here but it looks really pretty! They had 3 feet of snow last week and there are still signs of it along the roads. Time to call it a day!

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