Sunday, February 28, 2010

March is almost here! YAY!!!

Where did February go???! Cabin fever is getting to everybody right about now and I am glad to see winter moving on! Don't get me wrong, I am always going to be a die-hard snow lover, but that one day of warm weather a week back made me wish for Spring! If I can't have lots of snow on the ground, then just give me warm air and sunshine!!! Dennis and I took a 3+ mile hike this morning for some exercise and fresh air. It was totally muddy but we did get to see some cool stuff. Check out the photos!

I seee you , Dennis!!!! (Big icicle!!)

Lots of big turkeys! These were about 5" long! The picture below was a big shelter created by honeysuckle vines on a rock overhang. I would have sworn there was going to be a great big bear come out!! I let Dennis check it our first and then I went in. No signs of any big pawprints around - good thing - but there had definitely been something sheltering in this spot.

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