Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's almost over............

We are here in Malpensa, Italy at the wonderful Holiday Inn Express near the airport! Not nearly as pretty as the other places we have stayed but it serves the purpose. We are very close to the airport which will make our trip there in the morning very easy. We took our train from Verona to Milan and then stopped at the information desk to ask how to go about getting the Malpensa Express bus to the airport. I had checked it out online this morning and it said that you could get tickets there at the station. So we asked him, thinking it would save some search time and he said we had to go to Cordona or somewhere like that!!! We walked on down the hall and found a sign that said "Malpensa Express tickets, 7.50 euro per person" I felt like ripping off that sign and taking it back to that moron! Some help he was! haha Anyway, we did the 40 mile trip on a bus sitting in front of some dudes from Zimbabwe or some place similar and they talked non stop and really loud. I was glad to get off that ride! We made it to the airport , took a taxi to the hotel for 15 euros, and called it a day. We just finished eating sandwiches in the lobby with a bunch of people watching Italy and Slovakia play soccer for the world cup. Italy lost. We met a heavy metal group named "Job For A Cowboy" playing for some European heavy metal band tour and that was cool. Tattoos and long hair. We could tell they were going for "the look". One was eating a salad which seemed odd......We are in for the evening and will catch the hotel shuttle at 9:00 am for our flight which leaves at 11:30 am . I will miss the gellato , pasta, and beautiful buildings very much! Ciao!

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