Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A long, long drive on Highway 1!

The famous Point Arena lighthouse. I saw a sign that warned dog owners to keep their pets on a leash. I can only assume it was to keep them from blowing away...The wind was about 80mph..........! That's why I am channeling the unibomber look.............

Yes, we actually followed a fire truck to a call! I had seen this smoke about 20 minutes before I saw the fire truck pull out. They probably made it in time to sweep up the ashes......No making good time on that road!

Beautiful views on Highway !!

Just a small section of the many miles of curvy, curvy roads. We actually had to stop a few time for construction where the lane had fallen into the ocean.

Sometimes, in your excitement to see coastal California, you forget just how BIG the state really is. We left Trinidad at 9:30 am and 8 hours later, we arrived in Point Reyes Station! At one point, I looked at the Garmin GPS and the road curved back on itself so many times, I thought I was seeing an image of my colon. Dennis said he sure he was going to wear off the surface of his steering wheel from making so many turns. This road puts Deal's Gap in TN to shame. Granted, there are some fabulous coastal views but there are also about 1,900 turns and if you are prone to car sickness, have several baggies available along your journey. We have traveled about 600 miles on our trip so far! At one point, I thought it would be nice if I could make a short restroom stop and Dennis pulled off onto one of the overlooks. I commented that one step over that railing, I could plummet to my death and a full bladder would quickly become a moot point. Awesome! Also, traveling in a convertible affords one many luxuries including the local smells along the way. We sniffed fields of cattle, local flowers, newly cut grass, and the odd smell of cat pee. We soon began to notice a connection between a lovely grove of trees and the smell each time we passed. I suggested it must be the rare Felineous Urinous species of tree but we can't be really sure until I check the internet. hahaha Ah, the joys of traveling in a convertible...........

We arrived at "Lolo's Cottage" in Point Reyes and it is a lovely little place to stay that has a back deck right on the bay. I can hear the water underneath my bedroom as I type right now. Let's hope the fault line can behave itself for the next couple of nights while we're here. It runs directly along this edge of the shore which worries me just a bit........We saw some houses that had dropped off into the ocean a few miles back today. Yikes!

Having again survived on peanut butter sandwiches, Combos, and Sun Chips, we splurged on an anniversary dinner at a really nice local restaurant. Happy 24th anniversary to us! I think we will surely sleep good tonight......We are tired!

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