Saturday, June 16, 2012

All good things must come to an end and we are on our way home this morning! We have enjoyed every second of it and met so many friendly people here in Antigua. It will give me lots of wonderful memories to think about when I am shoving that blasted art cart down the hallways next year. haha
   Yesterday was our official anniversary and we celebrated by having a couples massage at the Red Lane Spa. Very froo-froo with robes, steam rooms, and lots of hibiscus flowers tossed everywhere. They put us each on a table in a dimly lit room and we each had a lady massage our  backs, legs, and arms. I had previously checked "medium pressure" on my card and Dennis put "firm". Really? She mashed him out like a wad of pizza dough! This lasted for 50 minutes and mine felt wonderful, most of Dennis' did too! We spent the afternoon kayaking on the bay but there was quite a bit of wind and lots of icky clouds, again! But it was still hot and we stayed on the beach all afternoon anyway! Our "romantic dinner on the beach" was last night and that was really special too. You had your own private waiter (ours was 20 year old Corey) and a 4 course dinner with champagne. The food was awesome! So now I have to pack and get ready to roll back to WV!
                                        Leaving the Red Lane Spa..................aaaahhhhh......

                                          Kayaking over to the cliff to see the brown pelicans.

                                                                  25 years together!

                                               Dinner on the beach.......................

                                                     Antigua, you wore me out!!!!

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