Friday, July 10, 2009

After snorkeling, we rushed back to the condo and got ready to head to Lahaina for the luau. We'd never done a luau and since the "The Old Lahaina Luau" is supposed to be the best in Hawaii, we had to see it! We sat right in front of the stage on the traditional mat seating with the short tables and pillows to sit on. They had regualar tables and seating behind us and there were a TON of people there too. It was buffet style and they dismissed us by sections so there wouldn't be a giant stampede to the buffet table! Dennis I tried a little bit of everything there and it was delicious! They even showed us how they dug up the steamed pig in the pit wrapped in leaves. I thought it would be really disgusting but when they unwrapped it, it was just cooked meat falling off of bones. You could see the skull though which was rather gnarly. I tried to ignore that. Don't like my dinner grinning at me.......... We had chicken, pork, steak, salad, mahimahi, tuna, Hawaiian sweet potato, banana bread, rice, a ton of food. And, oh yeah, octopus. Our server was listing everything on the buffet and I said ," Oh great! I was so hoping there would be octopus!!" (Snarky of me) So I have to include a picture of me eating that tasty tidbit! They had all the traditional hula dances which were awsome and made me feel like I should be able to do it when we left. But no, I can't shake it like that! The metal plate in my hip would get bent beyond repair! haha So check out my previous blog on our snorkeling adventure this morning! This is what I would call a "do-over day". One you'd like to relive many times....

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