Saturday, July 11, 2009

Last full day at Maui - sniff, sniff......

We declared today another beach day and just hung out at the beach across from our condo. After all this running around, we needed to just sit and stare at the ocean. haha Dennis did take his snorkeling gear and checked out the fish for about 15 minutes and then he sat in his chair with a towel over himself, like a little tent. After he got sunburned yesterday, he was afraid of any additional exposure! I alternated between sitting in the sun, swimming in the ocean, and reading my paperback. Only my back was a little sunburned so I guess I am immune! There was what looked to be a local cub scout troop that showed up and set up right beside us so we had plenty of entertainment. The guys in charge thought it would be a good idea to let some of them paddle these big, plastic ,sit on top kayaks only these kids had no experience! They were just going around in circles with waves knocking them over, hitting the rocks, and floating out to sea! Finally, a life guard showed up and said they should have an experienced adult in the boat with them. They were having a lot of trouble with people getting blown out to sea! So then they just gave them a bunch of those stryofoam noodles and they started hitting each other with them and then they went and dug in the sand the rest of the time! Most entertaining! haha After that, we went to the Mexican Cafe down the street for lunch. I had a chicken burrito the size of a football. Then we on the search for a T-shirt for Dennis. We came back to the condo and Dennis played on the laptop while I read some more. Dennis then looked up some geocaches nearby and I agreed to go as long as I didn't have to hike 20 miles up some hill. My knee has yet to let me forget what I did to it on Fuji! I have had to go easy on it this whole time but if that's the worst I got from it, I'm lucky! We found two caches and the wind was crazy today! I was having nightmare flashbacks of Fuji! We decided to head to Denny's this evening for dinner and it was yummy! We had to walk about 5 blocks and on the way back, there was an ambulance, cops, and a fire truck at a park near us. We stopped and rubber-necked like good West Virginian's but never did figure out what was up. They were all shining flashlights in the trees looking at something for about 15 minutes then they just up and left. I guess the person was dead and there was nothing they could do for him so they took off! Too much excitement for us! So tomorrow, we are here until 7:00 at the latest and it's a night flight back home. Yawn! Sure would be nice if they could upgrade us again but that's soooo not likely! Darn!

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