Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh the joy of flying in the USA!!!

Here we sit in Seattle Airport, waiting for our flight to Cincinnati! We arrived here at 4:30 AM, yes, AM, and our flight doesn't leave until 11:30ish. They did have it listed as delayed until 7:30 pm which would have been totally insane!! (I guess they were going delay so someone could make a peanut run) I hope things go as planned from here on out. Going through security was a real treat in Maui as well. I set off the alarm AGAIN and explained it was the metal in my hip and ankle. So they direct me to this little room and some security chick goes over my whole body with the wand. Of course it beaps and other people are looking at me like : "she certainly doesn't fit the terrorist profile...hmmmmm...) I had to stand with my arms up for about 5 minutes and I showed her my ankle scar as proof. Then she had to do the "pat down" procedure. Sheeesh! (Meanwhile, there's probably a dozen people going by with wires and plastic explosives hanging out of their backpacks.) Then, Delta charges us 30$ for checking 2 bags - one for each of us!! Dennis is really down on Delta right now, for sure!! They gave us one drink and a 1.5" square bag of peanuts on the flight over from Maui. I stole their blanket and now feel a miniscule bit of satisfaction from that! haha Anyway...gotta' love the airlines...We ate breakfast here in the Seattle airport from Wendy's and are now thinking of ways to entertain ourselves for the next 3.5 hours. Wheeeeee!!!

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