Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

I guess I am one of those people that just can't relax. As soon as I finished my huge vacation scrapbook, which took days, I then began on redecorating the bathroom! I got up Sunday and just started tearing off the wallpaper! It had been on there forever and Dennis had been complaining about the border peeling up. (It was a lovely leaf pattern and well, I guess the leaves finally started falling. ;-) So, of course, the top layer of wallpaper peeled off nicely, leaving a layer firmly attached to my wall. Why is that? When you want something to stick, it comes off. When you want it to come off, it acts like it has become one with the wall. So. like my kitchen, I had to do the stinky oil base primer over it then spackle like there was no tomorrow. Sand, sand , sand 'til it looked it had snowed in my bathroom. Another layer of primer over all of that. Then finally do the painting. I worked from 7:30 am til 9:30 pm yesterday and felt like someone had beaten me with club all over. Today, I went to Lowe's for some molding for the top, mowed Mom and Dad's grass, mowed my grass, finished painting the bathroom door and tried to put some trim around the shower. Evidentally, cutting mitered corners requires super human intelligence and levels of testosterone I do not posess. I measured and figured and fought those strips of wood til I gave up in disgust. If I had had a white flag, I would have run around my house and in my front yard waving it. I gathered up my little strips of wood and tossed them in the utility room, slammed the door, and decided they wouldn't have looked all that great anyway! Tomorrow I am going to tackle the ceiling trim which should be easier thanks to those little premade square corner trim pieces. No doubt, invented by a woman who also failed mitered corner cutting 101. God bless her. I hope it all goes well.........photos will follow next time.....and yes, my poison ivy still itches......

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