Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Dennis and I took off early this morning for Cave Run Lake in Morehead, Ky. He decided to enter a six hour "adventure triathalon". (What was he thinking...)It began with a 2 mile paddle, a 5 mile run on the trails, and then a 10 mile bike on the same trails. He had asked me if I wanted to "be a team" and I thought, oh no you don't. I 've fallen for your big ideas before. Remember Fuji...and wisely I said no. He finished in a respectable time but was exhausted and sore. And I reminded him how smart I was for not getting involved. I would probably still be on the trails right now if I had've! Anyway, I've got dreaded poison ivy now!! All these years of immunity - weed whacking it, pulling it up with my hands, chopping it. Mother Nature is a cruel chick. They claim that it's with repeated exposure that you will eventually break out and I guess my card got punched last Sunday working in the yard. So now my forearms have about 10 spots each and my knee has some too. Just a little warning rash. That's it for me. boo hiss My days of running helter skelter through the dense woods is over. I will have to watch every step from now on. (Sigh...)

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