Thursday, July 9, 2009

Graet day in Maui!

We had a great time visiting Lahaina today and doing our zip line adventure! We traveled 250' in the air over a bamboo gorge at 60 mph+ -Wheeeeee! It was us and a family of 6 from California and Larry, our guide and instructor. I only wished that the zip lines could have been longer. We had signed up for the upper mountain loop but they couldn't do it because of high winds. (What is it with us and the high winds on vacation this time??!)But it was still a blast and the Kapalua Resort was beautiful. We actually did the 18 hole baby golf course that was complimentary with the tour. (I beat Dennis, by the way...haha) After that, we had lunch/dinner at Mama's Ribs 'n Rotisserie (no quail was on the menu -yay) at the Napili Plaza. From there, we drove the hour long drive back to the condo and headed to the beach park across the street. The ocean sunsets are beautiful and I have a bunch of pictures of that! Dennis tried snorkeling and actually saw a bunch of big blue tangs the size of dinner plates. I didn't want to go in the water without the sun high in the sky to keep me warm. Tomorrow we will do some snorkeling and then take in the Old Lahaina Luau. Yummy!

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