Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What happened to my pic's??

What happened to my pictures?! Must have been some issues at the Kansai
Airport, I guess. It has been a loooong day! But I guess our climbing Fuji and visiting all those temples and shrines and bowing must have made Buddha happy because out of a 747 full of people, we were granted a magical upgrade! First class from Kansai to Honolulu! That was going to be a really long seven hours too because there were about 15 kids/toddlers all running around the waiting area! We actually had seats that fully reclined, fluffy feather pillows, blankets, champagne, food, drinks, slippers, etc. etc. It was so totally awesome and I have NO idea how they chose us. Maybe they said, "Look at the poor, tired Americans. They look like they could use an upgrade." God bless 'em!

But then, of course, our next flight from Honolulu to Maui wasn't late enough and we missed it. They stuck us on another flight a half hour later for an additional 60$ of course! It's really something how we can travel by plane, train, and automobile all over Japan without a hitch, then get back to good ol' US of A and it hits the fan. Security was crazy here too. I kept setting off the alarm and had to take off my earrings, belt, watch, until I finally offered to just take off my pants! Then I said "I have titanium in my legs!" He looked relieved to have found the offending metal at last and let me through! I said their detector must be really sensitive and he said a big yes on that one!!! Geeesh..... Japan was so easy! So our condo here is beautiful. Lots of traffic though- yuck. We are about a half a block off the ocean and have an excellent view from our rental. We are just resting now and plan to veg out this evening after such a crazy past 24 hours! Mahalo!

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