Monday, August 10, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

It's been awhile since I've done my blog, huh? Seems like only yesterday though! I spent Friday at the Board of Ed learning how to use the "Smart Board" in the classrooms. It's pretty amazing actually. You can show your computer screen up on a whiteboard, then write on it, slide images around with your fingers, let kids come up and work with it. Amazing how technology has advanced so quickly. I plan on doing some lessons including famous works of art and using it in my classes. We'll see how that goes! I can also put my lesson notes on a memory stick and carry it with me, plug it into the classroom computer and "viole' "!

Yesterday was way hot. Dennis and I decided to go to Beech Fork Lake and paddle yesterday evening. The water was great (we swam) but these darn horse flies were buzzing our heads continuously every time we got over to the side to park the boats! We started using my flip-flops to whack em. Blevins' 5, horseflies, 2. Score! Where do they come from?? I suggested we paddle close to these people swimming near their boat in the hopes of luring them to a "more inviting area" but they seemed to have a thing for kayaks! We've paddled that lake a zillion times in the summer but I don't remember ever having to fight off so many these little monsters! Anyway, we survived and it was fun getting in some cool water on a hot evening. Next time, bug spray........
Jeepie - still running like a top!
Poison Ivy - finally gone!!!!! Yay!
Propane - got the credit forms filled out and mailed back in. Hopefully, we will have a nice big white tank in our yard in the next couple of weeks. Pretttty..... I think it would be fun to paint it up like a submarine!

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