Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Welcome home, Jeepie!!!!!

Finally got a call this morning that my Jeep was done and ready to come home - after paying $1486.00 big ones!! Oh well. Coulda' been worse, I guess. A new motor would have really taken some serious change.... Hopefully, this fix will last it a good long while, like 20 more years would be good. I am just sooo glad to have it back!!!
I am still hating all this rain! My goldfish are going to be swimming in the front yard before this is all done. However, one good thing, we haven't had all those dust clouds hovering out front because of the gravel road. Now there are just giant mud holes...niiiice........
Went to a workshop yesterday on the state computer program for kiddies called TechSteps. It's supposed to teach kids how to use different computer skills in grades K-8. "Dragging and Dropping for Kindergarteners" and such... like kids today don't know how to work a computer? This isn't a case of the "cart before the horse". This is more like the horse is already fifteen miles down the road and the state is sitting in the cart wondering what happened. Oh well. They mean well and I suppose there is a child out there who lives in a cave and eats raw meat who has never seen a computer in rural WV. Somewhere.....

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