Saturday, August 1, 2009

Play outside day!!

I am hoping that everyone got a chance to do something outside today. After all that blasted rain, Dennis and I decided to go to Ritter Park with our good friend Ron Patrick and ride our mountain bikes. Just an easy ride on the bike path through all the leftover mud from the flooding yesterday! It really wasn't too bad except for the mountian bike path Dennis decided to take us on. It was a gnarly, watery ditch with lots of dead falls and rocks. Niiiiice.....and tons of poison ivy eager to get at my skin, I feel sure. At least I didn't wreck although Dennis couldn't get his shoe unclipped from his peddle and fell over. That was funny. He did it after I hit a big rock and yelled my chain came off. teehee Turns out it hadn't after all and I was able to keep going. We also took a break and rode over to Gino's and had lunch. Lovin' the Pubwich sandwich to death. I could eat one every day now. Not a low fat food, I feel sure. All that cheese and mayo and cheese...... yummmmm....did I mention it had cheese?????? hahaha There were tons of people out doing their thing at the park it was such a beautiful day! After that, I came home and mowed grass, weed eated, and trimmed the hedges. They look like big green ovals now. Cute....Dennis did the rider mower some on all the big stuff that I hate doing with the push mower. He goes really fast on that thing. Imagine that..........I think I'll go rest now.....

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