Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The days keep flying by.........!

Hard to believe that there are just two more weeks before the end of the first six weeks at school! It's almost time to start my Halloween lessons with the kids and summer is officially over - way boo hiss. Where on earth does the time go? I know that running the halls of Ona on my "art cart" have sped up time to warp speed because that's about how fast I am moving during the day! I had to give up my job as "sys. op." after two weeks because I was just killing myself trying to do it all. Everyone said they hated to see me quit because I was so helpful but the cart thing and taking care of 124 computers, printers, smart boards, and elmos was taking a toll on my sanity. I would wake up at 2 am and lay awake for an hour or two. My jaw was feeling like I had chewed a wad of bubble gum all night and I was forgetting stuff at work! Tooooo much. Another teacher said she had tried it at her previous school and quit after two weeks which made me feel better. I lasted 4. I told them I would still help them...... I am such a sucker........! haha
I went out this evening for my run/walk and almost got in 4 miles in about 45 minutes. It would have been faster but I had to take time to stop and pet 6 neighborhood dogs on the way! One was a little ankle biter on what we have dubbed "chihuahua row". There are about 3 or 4 of those little terrors that just delight in barking at me no matter how I try to tiptoe by. He is INSIDE a trailer. He must have some kind of dog psychic ability because there will be no sign of him and just when I think I've snuck by, he'll run to the end of the trailer and poke his nose through the curtains at the window and bark his head off! And he goes on the whole time I am on the road. Even when I am totally out of sight! I think he could hear a cockroach cough through a cinderblock wall.The rest are pretty friendly, thank goodness. I was good and sweaty when I got back. The last dog encounter was near my house. A teeny white fluffy dog that it soooo cute but will follow you to the moon. I saw it and turned and sprinted back to the house at the end of my run. I thought I was going to lose him and he would head back home. I ran up on my deck, breathless and about to pass out, turned around and there it came trotting up the steps behind me, wagging it's tail as if to say, "Gee, that's was a fun little run. Now what are we going to do?" I will really be glad when the gnats and the humidity are gone too!

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