Sunday, September 6, 2009

Days off rock!

Boy, have the last two days been great or what? Dennis and I have logged a lot of bike seat time: 10 miles on the mountain bikes at B'ville Park yesterday and 43 miles on the Hockhocking Adena Bike Trail from Athens to Nelsonville in Ohio today! The weather was beautiful and the bike trail was really nice. We decided that if we ever do it again though, we would skip the part right behind Ohio Univ. because it was only about 5 feet wide and there were lots of walkers, joggers, and bikes to navigate around. The rest beyond that was nice and wide and followed through the wooded areas. No dogs, cars, or cups or bottles being thrown at you! What a novel idea! Sweet! haha

That's me at B'ville Park. One spot where turning right could land you in the ER....

Dennis zipping down the trail ahead!

Q: How funny is it that Dennis' bike jersey matched the McD's uniforms? A: Hilaaaaarious!!!!

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall - Lee Ann sat on a fence.........

(Dennis felt he was being followed. He took a photo and sure enough!) Dennis told me it was a 20+ mile ride. He just forgot to add that that was in one direction!!!

One of the many pretty views on the trail!

On the way home, we passed the old home of my Uncle Jim Knight and Aunt Clara. This used to be the home on General Albert G. Jenkins. (Click here to learn more about him : This house holds many special memories for me and my family and I loved to go visit there as a kid. I was quite surprised to see what they have done with the place! The Army Corps of Engineers purchased the property from my aunt and uncle and it is now a major "wet lands preserve". It is being restored to it's original condition, which is a good thing I guess. They have removed the addition at the end which was a bedroom and kitchen and are adding new windows and paint. I am anxious to see the end result even if it will seem strange to me. I am glad that it will remain a historic site and will be cared for for many years to come. Old Al would be happy too............

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