Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rome rocks!

AAAAH, Trevi Fountain. Would love to have jumped in! It was hot!

Crazy Americano's on the double decker tour bus...on top of course!

Dennis outside a big ol' building in the Forum area.

We thought the Colosseum was really neat. (Even though
the stories about it's past are so brutal....those Romans were
a seriously crazy bunch of people to enjoy animals and
people killing each other! )
This blog is going to have to be short and sweet! It's 10:30 pm and boy, are we tired! Had a wonderful day seeing the sights of Rome. Saw Trevi Fountain, the colosseum, the forum, and sooo many other things. There must have been about 2 million other tourists in Rome which made for a crazy day. We actually had a guy ask US where the pantheon was! I guess we actually looked like we knew what we were doing! We got up at 4:30am to get the car to the airport just to park it, get the train station bus shuttle, get on the train to get to Rome! Crazy,crazy day! Ate lots of pizza and gelato and so far on this trip, we have probably walked 20 miles. Saw a lot more Indian dudes selling cheesy umbrellas and crap today to try to earn a euro. Lots of beggars too. We just kept saying "no, grazia" and walked on. Anyway, looks like another early morning for us. Have to return the rental car, get to train station and go to Como with a train change in Milan. I think I may have to stock up on Red Bulls or something to keep from passing out! haha And hey, no muggings! Sweet life! I am constantly watching Dennis' back when he's distracted or taking pictures, and visa versa. Everyone's actually been really nice to us. And I am even getting to try out my Italian that I have learned although I think they like speaking English with us. Time to get a quick shower and get to bed! Arrivaderci!

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