Friday, June 18, 2010

Como is sooooo pretty!

Our friends from the train.............
This is the view from our patio/balcony area...Sweet!

Me being surprised that we actually don't have a view of the dumpsters!

The sitting area in our Junior Suite at the Termius. Niiiiice.....

The huge train station at Milan. Lots and lots of people from all over the world.

The last things we saw as we left Il Castelluccio, our room in the Tuscany area.
Their little barn was below our room....coool.

Such a busy, busy day! We have traveled by train, rental car, taxi, and bus! During our train ride from Florence, we sat across from a girl from Iran and her friend from Dubai. They really liked talking to us because we speak "English so slowly!" She told me how she hated Iran and a women would be sent to prison for wearing makeup (I would be in jail ALOT!) and they regulate everything they hear and see. They even come into their homes and will smash their satellite dishes if they find one! The internet is filtered and the women have to cover their whole bodies in black. She said my passport was "like jewelry". She let me see hers with her traditional clothes on. So weird. She said everywhere she traveled she was considered suspicious. She said she could move but the US and Britain would not issue her a Visa. So she travels alot. The government is always asking how she travels and why she even got a divorce! I certainly have much to be thankful for living in the US!!! Very interesting talking to them. They were so much like us. People are all pretty much the same, no matter!

We are getting ready to go dinner in the restaurant here this evening. I am so hungry as we have only snacked some today. No time to eat a real meal!! Gotta' run!

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