Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 2 in Como - good day to paddle????!

One of the many beautiful villas along the shore of Lake Como...

Dennis paddling past George Clooney's villa??? He's got one here somewhere!

Me sooooo happy to finally get to the end of the paddle!

Dennis at the front door of the rental shop............

On the way to the shop, we crossed a really neat little bridge....
and I was dry...........!

So we decided to paddle Lake Como this afternoon and had a beautiful day - or so we thought! I kept seeing this bank of dark clouds coming our way and I said "Dennis, it's going to rain" He kept insisting that it would pass and that I should be more positive. So I then said, "OK, I'm POSITIVE it's going to rain on us!" We paddled on, looking at all the fabulous villas, enjoying the experience. We paddled out for 2 hours which included time to stop and snap lots of photos. We decided it was time to turn around as our rental was for only 4 hours. On the return trip, we heard thunder in the distance. Great, I thought! Then there was lightening. Dennis said not to worry, we were in plastic boats and had carbon fiber paddles. (but not after I uttered "I told you so" under my breath.) So we are paddling like maniacs trying to beat the storm and here comes the wind gusts. We make our way to the side, next to someone's little boat dock, in the wind and 2 foot swells, water splashing over our boat hulls and into our laps. We get our spray skirts on and rain jackets and try to plow ahead in the wind and rain, all the while seeing myself as the next main character in that show "I Shouldn't Be Alive". My hands and arms were like wet noodles but we had to keep going because there was no place to take shelter and it would have been a long wait anyway. We finally arrived back in half the time (1 hour!) just from continuously paddling and not giving up. I could have kissed that shoreline. Our rental people were there waiting on us, probably thought that we were out there floating dead somewhere. They helped us get the boats up on the bank and gave us a ride back to their shop. We actually got a 5 euro discount! She said it was because of the weather but I think she was impressed with our survival skills...or she thought these people are idiots and need a break. Anyway, there's always an adventure around every corner when the Blevins' go on vacation! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! Caio!

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