Saturday, June 19, 2010

What a rockin' band!

Takin time to stop and smell the flowers in Como! There are flowers everywhere!

Wow, two blogs in one day! We decided to take a walk along the waterfront and look for dinner this evening. Not an easy task since they like to eat their dinner at 7:30 and later! We did find a nice little restaurant and had some delicious lasagna and gelato. Yum. It is about 56* here this evening after the rain so scarves are not just a fashion statement but a necessity now! I should have brought more clothes! I think it's funny how I have seen people and their dogs go into restaurants and markets here. They love their dogs and just about all of them are purebreads. We have seen Chihuahuas ( I know I probably spelled that wrong!), chows, pit bulls, yorkies, big shaggy dogs that were really cute, and poodles, of course! There are little shops for them too! We took a walk through the center of town and stopped to get a snack and try some of their wine. This IS wine country after all! The restaurant had plates of appetizers set up and you just go in and get a plate and fill it up. They had french fries, olives, little weenies, bruschetta with ham, rice, pasta and cheese with little cherry tomatoes. Those tomatoes are delicious here and taste sweet, unlike the tasteless blobs you get at home! We also got to hear a band play on the piazza. Milan's answer to the Alumni Band. They came in on a bus and played all these marches for a big crowd. They were the Alpine Orobico something or other. So fun! Lake Como has a real big time on Saturday night! Lots of people who look like they walked off the pages of Euro fashion magazine. Yeah, we kinda' stand out. hahaha Dennis said " how come they always say "hello" to us first?" We look like all the other tired American tourists?
haha We love Como. It's not nearly as crazy as Florence and Rome. Half the tourists though and quite expensive. This is where the rich people of Italy come for vacation! It's getting late! Ciao! ( I would load more pics but it take forever with this connection at the hotel!!!)

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