Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today's the day...look out Italy, here we come!

So...everything's ready to go and we get an automated call from our dear friends at Delta informing us of a delay out of Cinci! Now we leave at 6:55 instead of 3:50. Oh the joys of flying...Actually this was probably a good thing since Dennis and I have weighed our luggage and backpacks at least 17 times trying to stay below the magic 26.5 lbs limit!!! I had to sacrifice a couple of items of clothing and my hot rollers and blow dryer. Tragic. (sigh) I am just hoping that all of the places we are staying at have them - I think they do- or else we'll have to rent a scooter and go really fast to dry my hair. haha Or maybe I'll just never wash my hair! pretty.....It's crazy how difficult it is to pack light but we seem to have done it. I am at 26.3 lbs and Dennis is 24 something, I think. I just know I will be happy when I don't need a dolly to drag my suitcase around Milan! 'til next time, which hopefully will be soon!

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