Monday, June 14, 2010

Yay! WE made it to Italy! Finally!

Yes, we are here in Florence finally but what a trip to get here! First the three hour drive to Cinci in a Cube (smurf Car) and that was tiring. Then we got on our flight to Paris and it was delayed which meant that we would likely miss the connection in Paris to Florence. I always get the wand or pat down at every airport and this time was no different. Finally got on the plane to Paris and slept some of the 8 hours. Got to Paris and there was a HUGE line to get into the customs area so I told Dennis not to sweat. Just smile and go on. We miss the flight, there will be another one. We hurried and hurried. Found some chick at an Air France window to issue another ticket for a later flight and she stopped and said " you might still make it. It's running late!" We ran and ran through the airport which is absolutely the biggest airport we've ever seen. Sure enough - an HOUR later they were boarding. Turns out there really is a God and the original flight had some technical issues and they had to get another airplane to replace it! Some body must have felt sorry for us! So we get to Florence get our rental car and here we are at Castelluccio Resort. My battery is low on the computer and the adapter is the right shape but wrong spacing for Italy! So I will keep this short. The weather is beautiful and the people are very confused by us. Their English is as good as my Italian!haha More later!

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