Monday, June 14, 2010

The way these people EAT!!!!!!!!!!!

It is now 9:45pm here and we just finished dinner. Yes, dinner! They start dinner at 8:00pm (and those of you who know me, I am in bed by 9!...but that is no concern of the Italians, I'm guessin') We started off with a plate of thin strips of ham with creamy cheese and fried bread balls. All very delicious as you wrap the dough ball in cheese, wrap it up in the ham and chow down. We thought, how yummy and ate about 2 each. THEN, comes little pizza squares, sausage cheese on bread slices (like bruschetta) and we had a few of those. If only there had been a sign that read "pace yourself, Americano's". Then out she comes with a huge plate of tiny dough balls in melted cheese and spinach sauce. That was all well and good then here she comes with another huge plate of roast beef and thinly sliced chicken with a side plate of diced squash and zucchini with carrots. By that time, I'm like, listen, we can't keep eating all this food! She said Americans didn't eat enough and I thought , just ask Jaime Oliver. He thinks we eat plenty. She said "you no like??", and I say "oh, we like plenty but we just can't eat all this food!" What she do? She asks us what we want for desert! Of course, we have to try the chocolate mousse with strawberries. It was soooo goood. All of the food was unbelievable. My taste buds were just in awe. These were all typical Tuscan foods and I would be the size of a whale if I lived here! But oh my goodness, it was all so delicious I am glad we ate it. They had the Italy/Paraguay football (also known as soccer) game on and everyone was seriously into that. So fun. Must go die now...... later!

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