Monday, June 13, 2011

Another day of vacation fun!

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Today, Dennis and I ventured north to see the Redwood State/National Forest and the Fern Canyon at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Seeing giant redwoods that make you feel like a little garden gnome has always been on my bucket list. We spent the larger part of the early morning staring up in amazement with our mouths hanging open. We hiked the long 1 mile loop (we swear it's longer) of the Lady Bird Johnson trail and saw giant snails and 4" long yellow slugs (banana slugs) that will numb your tongue if you lick them, or so we were told. Dennis might have liked it if I had tried this and rendered myself a silent back seat driver. But no...... pretty to look at, nasty to lick.......Afterward, we decided to go back down south and find the Fern Canyon trail, known for its 50 foot high canyon walls dripping with ferns. You had to drive a 4 mile long packed dirt road to get there but it was worth it. Beautiful drive through more big redwoods and forests. We didn't know it, but the the fern canyon was divided by a swift running stream that had to be traversed using ape-like agility, hopping from deadfall to deadfall and balancing like a trapeze artist to avoid soaking wet shoes. Oh, and there are no McD's in the area so our lunch consisted of a shared banana nut muffin, a half a Cliff bar, some Combo's, and some day old corn chips from the airport lunch the day before! Good eatin'! But you really don't care about food when your skipping your way through God's glorious creations in nature, or so I kept telling myself. After our adventurous day of hiking, we headed back to Trinity and had lunch/dinner at the little restaurant down the hill from our house, We stuffed ourselves on shrimp (me) and burgers (Dennis), fries, cheesecake, and anything else that didn't move! It was a wonderful, wonderful day in spite of the heavy mist this morning and cool temp's all day. Hope you enjoy the pic's! 'Til tomorrow!

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