Sunday, June 12, 2011

So it's 11:55 am here in San Diego and about 60*. (I feel at least 3 hours younger! haha) We got to try out the new body scanning security system which made me very happy. Remember, I always get picked to have the pat down at any airport so this was a refreshing change, no matter what all they saw! I asked her if it picked up my titanium hip and ankle and she said it just "reflected what was on the exterior of the body" and made note of my metal jewelry. We had to do security AGAIN because they run you outside to get to another terminal and we switched from Delta to United Air. Everything has gone really smoothly so far. We got to see the Grand Canyon and the Rockies from the plane during our last flight. I slept about 40 minutes so I will, maybe, be able to stay awake when I get to Eureka! We are going from the southern end of CA to the northern most point of CA before we even start our vacation! Will check in later!

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