Friday, June 17, 2011

Dennis is the lean, mean driving machine!

The pool by our house. I just hope we find time to use it at least once!

The bedroom, and yes, that's a cow skin rug. Yucka doodle...........

The kitchen and dining area. They actually thought I would use the kitchen!

Mark Twain's cabin. He actually lived in this area

Me relaxing by the hot tub reading the guest info book.

Just one of the hundreds of curves on the way to Mariposa!

Cracy wind farms. Some had cows around them that looked like small dogs in comparison!

Today was another long drivin' day from Point Reyes to Mariposa - about 7.5 hours in all. We got to see LOTS of CA by following Highway 12 and drove through the biggest town, Lodi. We stopped for a fast lunch a McD's where they actually had a sign that said you could eat in their "lobby" for 20 minutes. WHAT? That wouldn't go over very well in WV, would it!? And there were some teen boys in there and one didn't have a shirt on. The manager yelled "We will not serve you! Get out or put a shirt on!" Everyone in the kitchen stopped and stared at him like time froze or something. So after that bizarre visit, we traveled on and saw hundreds of the big wind farm windmill things. They are huge and it looked like a scene from sci-fi movie. I never realized how many untouched acres there were in CA! The mountain pass to get to Mariposa was a real butt clencher. Narrow cliff roads with no guard rails for miles and miles. And Dennis driving like, well, like Dennis! Our house we are staying in is awesome but the drive is a doozy. A little dirt road up the side of a mountain. We have stunning views and the owners greeted us at the driveway. They gave us the grand tour and mentioned there had recently been a mountain lion sighting down the driveway. All I can say is nice kitty, kitty and pray he doesn't like the taste of WV hillbilly. They have a house just a few hundred feet away from this one. They also have a dog and two cats. We got to see a roadrunner in the tree above our car and that said it was really rare here so that was cool. They have hundreds of humming birds and she actually bands them and keeps track of them. Tomorrow we will be making the hour drive to Yosemite to see the sights there. So excited!

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