Friday, June 17, 2011

Ready for another day of adventure!

Ready to take off in our kayak!

Our little gang enjoying the views!

I was still warm in this photo at the start!

A minutes old calf near the lighthouse. Lucky cow

Looks a massacre but they're just sleeping. Really!

LOTS of steps to the lighthouse. Like climbing a 30 story bldg

Holding onto your had was a must. The winds all day were fierce and made us tired!

It's about 7:00am here in Point Reyes Station and I just had a bear claw from the local bakery with my tea. Yum! We were really tired after our kayaking tour last night as you read in the previous post. Yesterday was a great day! We loved getting to see elephant seals and harbor seals in their natural environment along the Chimney Rock hiking path at the Point Reyes National Seashore area. It was really odd passing acres and acres of dairy cattle on our way to the lighthouse but dairy is a big deal here in CA. We had to traverse 300 steps to get to the lighthouse which was a real workout but, as always, the views were awesome. Afterward, we hiked Chimney Rock and saw some signs along the trail that warned us to stay away from the cliff edge. Of course, we had to look. That's when we saw about 40 seals just hanging our on the beach, flipping sand on their backs with their flippers. Loved that! We also got to see a coyote running through the field on our way back to the main road!

After all that hiking, we went back to the main town to buy gas at 4.29 a gallon and got some lunch. We headed back to our cottage to rest up for the evenings adventure. I thought a kayaking tour meant we would be paddling alot but our guide had other ideas. There were 7 of us so she had 3 tandem kayaks and one single for some really tall guy. We were used to paddling a tandem so that was no problem. The other people were newbies though and we had to wait around for her to explain what a paddle was and blah, blah, blah. We helped her get the other people in their kayaks and we were off. It was neat seeing the little harbor seals pop their heads up to see what we were all about! We also saw a great horned owl and hundreds of comorants. The bad part was I was FREEZING along with a couple of the other girls. One had a soaking wet butt from a leaking spray skirt and she was miserable. The guide had "hot water" in a thermos for tea or hot chocolate but it ended up being just warm. So I stuck my hands in my tea instead. The others thought I was funny but my hands were shaking soooo badly I could hardly hold it! Then Dennis and I ran up and down the beach where we'd stopped for a break to help keep warm. They thought we were nuts. Dennis ended up paddling the trip back while I stuck my hands inside my jacket under my armpits to keep warm. We were paddling by moonlight at that point and it was beautiful, I have to admit. Our guide was good but she spent alot of time telling us every detail about every thing we came across and that was hard to listen to when you were numb! Why couldn't my ears have gone numb instead of my toes and fingers..........Anyway, we are off to Yosemite today! I hear the waterfalls are beautiful and we can't wait to see them!

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