Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last day of vacation........

Big ol' King Kong on Universal Studios Citywalk area!

That was taken after the wave crashed right on my rear!

Piggin' out for our last dinner in LA - so tasty!

Dennis enjoying having his toes in the sand............

Jumping for joy in Manhatten Beach - YAY!!!!haha

Beautiful entrance to Universal Studios in Hollywood....

What a busy day we had for our last day here! We got to do the "IFly" experience at Universal Studios this morning and it was pretty awesome. Big plastic room with a wire floor + giant fans = FUN! They gave you instructions on how to do the belly fly and the instructor is with you to help guide you. We were supposed to get photos in Dennis' email but haven't gotten them yet! After that, we checked out of our hotel and drove the BMW back to the rental company early. We were afraid to temp fate by driving in traffic any more than necessary and we returned it without a scratch! Even with insurance, you had a $5,000.00 deductable!!!!! Yes, that's 3 zeros after that 5. Then we got the shuttle to our last hotel and got here about 2:30. The hotel had a shuttle to Manhatten Beach - YAY - and that was a really neat, unplanned surprise. We had a great dinner then walked the beach. I got my shorts totally wet when a big wave hit me and had to buy new shorts and underwear!! It looked like Lee Ann was REALLY excited to go to the beach for a while there! haha Now I gotta' get some sleep. Our flight leaves at 7:40am! WV here we come!

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