Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great day in LA.....finally!

Hey, I'm on the red carpet!!!!

Us in front of the Universal Studios logo!

Pink's Chili Dogs - dinner at a famous restaurant and very yummy!

Dennis checks out the skateboard selection at Venice Beach...

The famous Venice Beach skatepark!

The Venice Beach boardwalk. You can get pizza and foot massage in the same store!

We parked beside a Lexus and a Mercedes. Lots of high dollar cars in LA!

After the nightmare of yesterday evening, I thought I would never go back on the streets of LA. In fact, I would say if I died and went to hell, Satan would make my eternal punishment driving in Los Angeles. Well, the traffic was no better today but I guess like those that live here, you resign yourself to the fact that you're just gonna' sit and wait...ALOT. Dennis began his day at 4:30am (!) while I stayed in bed and covered my head with pillows and slept. He had mapped out a driving plan to see the local areas like Hollywood, Melrose, and Venice Beach. Parking at Venice Beach was 9 dollars but I said our car would at least be safe from the vagrants for a few hours. He was happy to see the skatepark there that all his old skateboarding hero's skated back in the 80's and I got to shop. Bonus! Lots of street vendors lined up and even several "medical professionals" selling "medicinal mijuana". Yeahhhh, riiiiiight.........After Venice Beach we made our way back to the hotel and rested a bit then went to Hollywood Studios Universal Citywalk. More shopping! I got a Hard Rock Hollywood shirt, postcards, and cheese popcorn, and, oh yeah, some Starbucks blueberry muffins for our breakfast. It was a really cool place with lots of music, people and things to see. We go back there tomorrow for our "IFly Experience" where you float in a big windtunnel! I am somewhat concerned about my cheeks flapping in the high wind but what can you do about that? haha We were especially happy that the BMW made it back unscathed. Not that there wasnt' ample opportunity for that to happen! Still haven't seen anyone famous yet. Did see someone dressed up like a big shrimp in front of the Bubba Gump's Shrimp restaurant and that was cute.........One more day to fool around LA and then it's back to good ol' WV!

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